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Laser tattoo removal is rapidly growing and with            Q-switched laser technology it is the safest and most effective way to eliminate your ink without scarring.

We use the Revlite Si Q-switched Nd: YAG laser from Conbio which has been named the GOLD standard for laser tattoo removal. The laser emits short pulses of highly focused energy consisting of selected light wavelengths that is directed at the tattoo ink. The laser targets the ink particles and breaks them into smaller fragments which are then removed from the skin by the body's immune system.

 Your health and your immune system are the key ingredients in the effectiveness of the tattoo removal process. Once the laser breaks up the ink your immune system will do the rest by removing the smaller ink particles. This means the healthier you are the faster your results will be!  Drinking lots of water, staying fit and refraining from heavy alcohol consumption and smoking will aid the speed and effectiveness of your laser treatments.

Point Blank is committed to bringing you the best tattoo removal experience possible with the best results. We take pictures before each treatment to track your continued progress.  Some tattoos take longer to remove than others; the main factors being ink density, the type and colour of ink used and the age of the tattoo.  Each tattoo is different and we will work hard to make sure you are getting the best value out of your laser tattoo removal experience.

How it works

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